4 Ways of Using the Internet in Education

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Classrooms and schools are social places, dynamic and interactive where both the student and the teacher share information, communicate and challenge on another. Today, the use of the Internet has been incorporated in every field of the economy .Education has not been left behind in this move of Internet use. How can the Internet help education reach the more in need? Below are four ways in which the Internet can be used in education.

1. Global learning.

Online sites like Glovico.org assist students in setting up of language lessons with native speakers from other countries. The lessons are attended by way of videoconferencing. Exposure to other people’s cultural perspectives and learning from social media and native speakers are some of the advantage that one gets. Traditionally, one had to travel but today with the use of the Internet there is no need to travel to other countries.

The Internet has eliminated the requirement of being in same place and at same time with the person one is interacting with. All one requires is a computer that has Internet connection and one is set to go. There is no need of traveling to the classroom, all one needs is to enroll in an online class for the course they want. This saves on time and money.

2. Use of E Books.

Most students today prefer the use of paper textbooks. However the internet has introduced E books for learners. Some institutions are ready to switch from the paper textbook to use of E books. Electronic vendors of textbooks for example CourseSmart are being launched to assist these institutions .E books have potential that is unimaginable as some of the institutions have come to realize. However not all the potential has being utilized.

Most of the materials that are being used I some of the schools today are outdated. With the internet, there are a lot of resources that are constantly updated thus providing an unbelievable wealth of information to the learners.

3. Multimedia such as videos.

It is more sensible to make use of multimedia in teaching since it has become a very large part of the world outside the classrooms. This form teaches team work among students and motivates them to come up with something that their fellow students can see.

4. Use of emails and websites.

When students are away from school, they can interact with their teachers by way of emails.one can also send questions that they might have to their teachers. Students can also visit various educational sites when researching. Students are also able to submit for review their work at any given time no matter where they might be.

These are just some of ways in which the Internet can be used in education.so if you are looking to use the Internet in learning do not hesitate to use any of the above ways.

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